Bali welcomes a million visitors annually, but only a few meet the real Bali. A missed opportunity, we think …

How beautiful the resorts and villas in Bali may be, you will not find the soul of Bali there. ‘Meet the real Bali’ will introduce you to what Bali truly is. There are several ways to do so. Look at our activities for some examples. Just let us know how you would like to get in tough with the Bali we love. Join us and experience what we are so proud of!

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About us

Father and son

Nice to meet! My name is Komang. I was born and raised in Lovina. The far north of Bali. It was love that brought me to Songan, the village of my wife. Where we live with our three children. Along with Yogi, my eldest son, we proudly present our Bali to everbody who likes to discover the real soul of Bali.

My name is Yogi. I was born and raised in Songan. For me the most beautiful place on Bali. I was fortunate because I could go to high school, were I studied Tourism. Being able to study is definitely not a matter of course in Bali. I’m really proud of my degree. After high school, my father and I started ‘Meet the real Bali’.

Although most of the touristic highlights are really nice, it is our goal to show people that there is much more to Bali. Every time again it is so cool to give people a glimpse into our culture, traditions and beautiful nature.

We will really loving doing what we do. To see the joy on people when they meet the real Bali. That’s what makes us smile!