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Visit locals in a typical Balinese village

Songan. Paradise full of traditions

In a fabulous valley where flora and founa grows and flourishes, lies a typical Balinese village. These villagers are lucky. Although their worry for money never sleeps, they are blessed with the Balinese smile. A sincere mirth and love for people and for life itself. The adjacent biggest lake of Bali, provides fresh water and houses the most important water temple of the country. Looking at the volcano that watches over Songan, the villagers feel grateful for the fertile ground she has given them.

Balinese birthday

One of the most special things you can experience on Bali is celebrating your birthday! The locals will make a really nice diner and tell you about the Balinese traditions when it’s someones birthday.

Hiking up the volcano

Mount Batur. What words can not discribe

Watching the sunrise on top of mount Batur, makes the tough walk up the volcano worth al the effort. While we guide you al the way up and back, you will be able to see the ocean, lake Batur and mount Rinjani rising up from the horizon. After the trekking you can have a relaxing afternoon in the hot springs.


Make a bet and test your stomach

Cockfights are very popular on Bali and important for the Hindu men. It’s a way to expel evil spirits but most of the cockfighting is for gambling. This is illegal so if there’s a cockfight it’s mostly organized very last minute.

The men take really good care of their roosters. They keep them very clean with special made herbal baths and feed them with only the best corn one by one. You need a bit of a strong stomach to watch the fight because sometimes there can be a lot of blood.


Hot Springs

Relax with the most beautiful view over lake Batur

In the Kintamani area it’s more cold than at the coast of Bali. A lot of hotels don’t have swimming pools around Kintamani but there is a perfect way to swim in nice warm water. The water is between 37-40 degree celsius and runs untouched direct from the source to the pools. It has natural therapeutic benefits but provides also a really nice view over lake Batur. You can’t skip this when you’re around the area of Kintamani.


Sharing Balinese food

We don’t have breakfast, lunch or diner. We just eat when where hungry

One of the best things of Bali is the food. For Indonesian people it’s impossible not to eat rice every day at least 2 or 3 times.  You’ll eat a lot of rice combined with fish, meat, chicken, vegetables and different sorts of prawn crackers. Around Songan the people use a lot of tomatoes, garlic and unions. Balinese people really like to share their food.


Visit the water temple

In Hinduism the five elements, earth (smell), water (taste), fire (face), air (touch), and the space (hearing), connect man and nature in a structural way.

As water is one of the elements, on of the most important Hindu tempels is situated at the largest lake of Bali, Lake Batur. The so called ‘Water temple’. If you’re lucky you can experience a ceremony in traditional Balinese clothing and learn a lot about the Hindu religion. If there’s no ceremony during your stay it’s always possible to go to the water temple in traditional Balinese clothes and learn about the praying in Hindu. Whenever the Hindu pray, they bring an offer to the tempel. It’s very interesting to know more about this very friendly religion with beautiful traditions.